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How To Install Android 4.0.4 ICS CM9 Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

We keep getting lot of queries from our readers, that if there is any possibility to upgrade their phone to latest Android 4.0 ICS. Though, we recently showed you Steps to Install ICS Look like ICS Aura ROM, which given you those ICS Animations and goodies of ICS, but firmware was not actually upgraded. Now, you can Install Actual Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Phone, which was not officially possible.

The Android 4.0.4 ICS Update for Samsung Galaxy Y has been made possible, throughout Cyanogenmod9, which is actually based and ported from CM9 for Samsung Galaxy Mini, which released recently. Currently, the ROM is in beta stage, which is under construction and being updated constantly, at the time of writing this article. Developer ‘Goutam Niwas’ says that this ROM would be working with every functions, which are working on Cyanogenmod9 Beta 7 for Samsung Galaxy Mini.
Gautam has mentioned that he doesn’t own the Galaxy Y S5360, but he is developing the ROM for you, to try out. So, this ROM is obviously didn’t tested by lot of people, but it was working when we installed. Though, we didn’t gone through every functions, but Installation process has been finished smoothly. Developer has even removed Creeds ROMs files, and has been added Cyanogenmod 9 apks, and settled stock kernel. In this ROM Project, which is being updated regualarly, the XDA Members, ‘DREAMBOXUSER, KUROTSUGI, and RUSHIKESH’ are part of the developers team who contributed to this awesome project, which is useful for many. Though, i will not mention what is working at present or what is not, but you can get detailed information at XDA thread. So, now you wanna install latest version of Android 4.0.4 ICS CM9 ROM on your Galaxy Y. It is not hard, but you have to just follow our tutorial, in the end you probably running ICS on your phone, which you never thought you would be able to.
Disclaimer:The CM9 Android 4.0.4 ICS ROM mentioned in this tutorial Article is not officially released by Samsung. This ROM has been developed by a third-party XDA developer. This ROM is not stable one, at the time of writing this article, and it is continuously under development, so you should check at XDA. The Installation of this ICS ROM on your phone involves Risk and your phone can get damaged, bricked, between the process. We at or developer should not be held responsible if anything happens to your device, you should try the steps at your own risk.
  • Download and Install Latest version of Drivers, if they’re not already installed. Also arrange data cable also to enable connectivity between phone and computer.

  • Ensure that Phone’s battery is charged at least 80% before starting the process, so that it won’t turn off during flashing process of ROM.

  • It is recommend that you Uninstall Samsung Kies, just to eliminate the possible conflict during the firmware flashing process on your phone, you need to restart your Computer after uninstall of Kies Software.

  • You shoul Disable all the Antivirus or Firewall in your computer, to run  the process without any problem.

  • It is recommended to Backup all the data in your phone:
  • Turn On USB Debugging Mode at the path ‘Settings>Applications>Development>USB  debugging’.  Do not forget to disconnect Galaxy Y from computer to successfully enabling the USB debugging mode.

  • Clockworkmod recovery should be installed, see Step 1 of recent Tutorial.
Assuming that you’ve followed everything above, and we can proceed with the instructions of installing ICS 4.0.4 Custom ROM on your S5360 phone.

How to Install Android 4.0.4 ICS Cyanogenmod9 on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Step 1: Download Latest Version of Cyanogenmod9 for Galaxy Y from this link. Save the zipped upgrade package to your PC.
Step 2: Connect your Galaxy Y phone to your computer, through USB Data cable, ensure that drivers installed in your PC.
Step 3: After connecting the phone, browse the root directory of microSD card of the phone, and then copy the zip file (Downloaded in Step 1).
Step 4: Now, simply turn off the phone. After that, you need to reboot into recovery mode.
Step 5: Put the phone into the CWM recovery mode. For that after turning off the phone, switch on device, and press and hold Power key+Volume up+Home keys together until device get into recovery mode.
Step 6: You should use ‘Backup & Restore’ option firstly, options you can browse with the volume and and down button. Then use Wipe Data/ Cache option.
Step 7: Now, after wiping the old ROM. You can use the options ‘install zip from SD card’ and then select ‘Choose zip from SD card’ then browse and select file downloaded in Step 1.
Step 8: Please note that at this step, your ROM should be in Installation process, if you’ve followed Step 7 correctly. The ROM would be finish installing in 5-7 minutes, and then you have to go back to home by selecing ‘+++Go Back+++’. Then simply select ‘Reboot System Now’. After the restart of phone, your phone would welcome you on totally different Android 4.0.4 ICS Firmware. You can verify your firmware version at ‘Settings>About Phone>Firmware Version’.
Note: If any problem persists, do contact the developer and ask for the help at Development thread. Otherwise, you should restore Original Stock ROM from your backup.
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